Copyright and Fair Use
Venue: Book a large seminar room and the L.R.C. computer lab.
Materials: You may want to print out and copy the information on the copyright explained page as well as the case studies and answers to case study 1.

Section 1: Copyright

Discuss the following question: What is copyright and what does it mean to me?
Watch Brainpop video on Copyright

Discuss copyright and fair use document.

Read through and discuss the following news article from the Guardian - File sharer ordered to pay nearly $2m
A 32-year-old woman has been found guilty of willful copyright infringement and must pay $1.92m after a retrial in a US court
BY Rosie Swash, Friday 19 June 2009 14.52 BST
File sharer News Video

Section 2:Fair Use

Discuss Fair Use Guidelines
(You may want hard copies which you can access here)


How does the court know if a use is fair?

The purpose and character of the use of copyrighted work
The nature of the copyrighted work
The amount and substantiality of the portion used in relation to the copyrighted work as a whole. The effect of the use upon the potential market for or value of the copyrighted work

What has been recognized as fair use?

Criticism & Commentary
News reporting
Scholarship and Research
Search Engines

Questions to Consider When Determining Whether or Not Your Work is Covered Under Fair Use

  • Did the unlicensed use "transform" the material taken from the copyrighted work by using it for a different purpose than that of the original, or did it just repeat the work for the same intent and value as the original?
  • Was the material taken appropriate in kind and amount, considering the nature of the copyrighted work and of the use?

Section 3: Creative Commons

Watch the Creative Commons Video by using either link below.
Creative Commons Introduction Video this is the same as the video above
Version of the Movie in You Tube
Discuss Creative Commons

Analyse Two Case studies

Use the information on copyright and fair use to guide your discussion.
More case studies

Plenary: Discuss the implications CC holds for your own work.

Other ideas

  • Use Google Advance Search to find work with a CC license.


  • You can also verify a photo's license by using flickrcc.
  • The LRC Website also has collections of Creative Commons videos, music and pictures for you to use with your digital projects.
  • Look at copyright regulations on YouTube