Staying Safe

Venue: Book a large seminar room and the L.R.C. Computer Lab.

Materials: Print out the Activity Cards. Print out enough situation cards for each group to have one. Ensure students have paper and pens to write with.

View the video below.

Your Photo Fate

Download the Activity Cards and Video in Spanish or English here.

What You Post Can Haunt You Forever!

  • Once it is indexed by a search engine it may never go away, you have forfeited control of it.
  • It is not uncommon for universities and potential employers to check the social networks of applicants and deny applications based on the content of those social networks.

Watch Two Kinds of Stupid

Download the Activity Cards and Video in Spanish or English here.

Question: Is what happened to Eduardo fair?

The students are to debate the question: Does the school have the right to discipline students based on what they post on their social network sites?

Follow through with the activity card.

Social Networks

Watch the Teens Talk Back Video

Facebook and Other Social Network Safety Settings


View the Video: Tracking Theresa.

Download the activity/situation cards.

Just how easy is it to track someone on the web?

Protecting Personal Information Online

Discuss the various case scenarios and answers in small groups.

It is important to remember that what is posted to the web remains on the web.

1. Try finding yourself in Google.
2. Try finding a friend.
3. Now try it using WINK and Pipl, people search tools.

Try using the Wayback Machine to track the changes in various websites over the year.

1. Type in, then click on April 28 1998. Take a look at some of the photos in the Image Galleries. Try Jul 11, 2000 (you must click on the centre of the box where the icon was originally) and check out the image gallery links. Try events. Do you recognise any of these students? Try some of the other dates, notice that some of them are incomplete. They are not indexed.
2. Now type in . Look at how the website has changed form 2001 up to the most recent date.

What did you notice in both cases about the websites?

If you get a chance, look at the Official Harry Potter Website through the Wayback Machine and note the differences and try searching out some other popular websites using the Wayback Machine. Observe how they have changed. Information that was once posted is still available if it was indexed by web crawler.