Welcome to the 10th grade Internet Safety Mini Lessons page.
(There are 5 lessons on this page instead of the regular 4. Please do try to work them all in over the next few weeks.)

Lesson 1:How is the Internet Affecting Your lives? | Lesson 2: Cyberbullying | Lesson 3: You Can't take it Back! | Lesson 4: Web Presence | Lesson 5: Can Social Media Affect your University Applications?

Lesson 1:How is the Internet Affecting Your lives?

The internet is rich with resources, and connections for us.
Create the following lists:
  1. List 1: Positive aspects of the internet.
  2. List 2: Negative aspects of the internet.

Have a look at your lists. Now think about this....what the internet might be doing to you brain?

Discuss these ideas with your group.

Now let's look at these ideas a bit more!

Watch the following video:

Lesson 2: Cyberbullying

  • What are some of the issues involving online safety that we should be aware of?

Cyberbullying is definitely something to be concerned with.

Question to Discuss:
  • We hear about cyberbullying all the time. Really, what is cyberbullying and how does it affect people?

Take this BrainPOP quiz on cyberbullying to test your understanding. You can do it as a class.

Lesson 3: You Can't take it Back!

Have you every said or done something you wish you hadn't.

The internet can compound this problem as it can be impossible to take things back once they are online.

Watch the following video to get a better idea.

You Can't Take it Back!
(Teachers please use the server version.)

  • What should the boy have done when asked to rate the girls using the website?
  • How might he have responded to the other boys to get them to change their minds take the website down?

Lesson 4: Web Presence

Questions to Consider
  • What do you post online?
  • How easy is it to give people the wrong idea about you through what you post?
  • Who can see what you are posting online and what are they able to do with it?

Watch the following video.

Information Travels
(Teachers please use the server version.)

For more information on staying safe and in control of your life online download Microsoft's free e-Book "Own Your Space", by Linda McCarthy,

Lesson 5: Can Social Media Affect your University Applications?

University may seem far off, however now is the time to take action and begin preparing by tweaking your digital identity.

So what do you think?

In what ways can Social Media have a positive effect?
In what ways can you begin tweaking your digital identity to make a more positive impact?