Web Presence

Venue: seminar room or classroom with a projector.
Materials: 6th Grade Web Presence Template. Students should have pens with them.

Run the Video:

Think Before You Post


What sorts of things do you think students post and share online?


What are the pros and cons of doing so in each instance.

Questions to Consider

Are there dangers in this?
What can other people do with this information?
What do you do when you no longer want others to have access to it?


Write down as many social networking sites that you can think of.
What age do you need to be to use these sites?

Did you know about the age limits on social networking sites?
Here are some examples.

  • Facebook – 13 years old
  • Twitter – no age limit but Twitter says it is not intended for users under 13 years old
  • Myspace – 13 years old
  • Snapchat – 13 years old
  • WhatsApp – 16 years old
  • Pinterest - 13
  • AskFM - 13 years old
  • Instagram - 13 years old
  • Vine - 17 years old

Watch the Movie

Jigsaw for 8-10 year olds

Think about your original answers to the questions. Can you change or add anything to them?


What advice could you offer the girl in the video?
Discuss and record your ideas in small groups.
(Possibly display on prepared cards for the pinboard)

Discussion Questions

What are the advantages of using the Internet? Disadvantages?

Should you be using chat rooms, social networks or message boards at your age?

What should you do to protect your privacy while online?