Deconstructing Media

Lesson 1

Teacher Resource: Questions to Ask About Media Literacy


Go through the Presentation

Task 1:

Discuss the following:

(You may want a printable card per group.)

Videos from the presentation

Pizza Video

Old Spice Video

Task 2:

Deconstructing Media yourself

Try deconstructing the following example:
Old Spice Large Screen

(Use the following tables to record your observations)


Ensure students bring several magazine adverts, markers,scissors and glue for the next two classes.
The Teacher will need a piece of poster board cut into 4's and white paper for labeling.

Lessons 2


Use a collection of magazine advertisement to locate an example of each propaganda technique .In cooperative groups, create a collage about the propaganda techniques. Identify the techniques used in the ads.

Lesson 3

Task 1(whole class):

Examine advertising found on a website.

Identify the target audience and the propaganda techniques used by the advertiser. How was the advertiser successful? How could the advertiser(s) improve the advertisement(s)?
Suggest ways the advertiser could improve the advertisement.

Task 2(small groups):

Create an advertisement to persuade consumers to purchase a product.

Your advertisement should:

  • target a specific audience
  • use a minimum of three propaganda techniques.
These techniques should:
  • grab the audience's attention and hold it
  • give new information
  • demonstrate why the product is perfect for the audience
  • persuade the audience to purchase the product.

*Many of these activities have been adopted from a Webquest created by Debbie Ray, August 1999