Welcome to the 8th grade Internet Safety Week Mini Lessons.


Questions for Consideration

Is cyberbullying a problem?
What is cyberbulling and how is it different from regular bullying?

Watch the following video.

  • Have you ever shared your password with anyone else?
  • Did anything bad happen as a result?
  • Are there any good reasons for sharing a password?
  • What sorts of things could happen as a result?
  • How was the example in the video an example of cyber-bullying?

Digital Footprints

Follow a baby's digital footprints from before it is born and throughout it's life

Profile Penalties

Questions to Consider
How does your digital footprint affect how others see you?
Can your online profiles and activities work against you?

Watch the video below
(Teachers use the server copy to avoid streaming issues)

Profile Penalty

Online Presence

Questions to Consider
What exactly can people find out about you online?
Have you ever Google'd yourself?
How much of your personal information is out there on the web?

Watch the following video.

What steps can you take to avoid this situation?

Protect your devices against viruses and malware by ensuring you scan all usb devices before using them, keep anitvirus and malware protection up to date as well as other updates on your computer.

Use secure passwords that have a combination of letters, cases and symbols. Change your passwords periodically, and ensure that others do not have access to them either directly from you or through public machines that you share.

Take control of your online presence by limiting what people can see using privacy settings and avoid uploading anything that could be used against you.

Only post about others as you would want them to post about you. Respect other people's online privacy.

When in doubt about a tweet, email etc..delete it instead of opening it. These can contain viruses and malware that can access your personal information and use it.

Don't use wifi hotspots in public places for anything too personal and avoid them for online banking, or shopping.

Back up all of your important files to an external hard drive.