9th Grade Social Networks


Projector, copies of the activity cards

Questions to Consider

How quickly might you be able to "find" someone on the web?
What would this depend on?

Social Networking Tallies
(Tally the number for each from the class)
Class Tallies
The total number of social media sites/apps you used by the class.

The average time spent online in a day by the class (in hours)

The average number of friends/followers the class members have

What is a digital footprint?

Watch the Six Degrees of Information Video.

(If you have trouble buffering access it from Shared Docs in the Web Fluency 9th grade file.)

Are you comfortable with your digital footprint?
What can you do to reduce it?

Fill in the Digital Footprint worksheet.


(Laptop and/or iMac bookings needed for this)

It is important to remember that what is posted to the web remains on the web.

1. Try finding yourself in Google.
2. Try finding a friend.
3. Now try it using WINK and Pipl, people search tools.

Try using the Wayback Machine to track the changes in various websites over the year.

1. Type in www.abc.edu.sv, then click on April 28 1998. Take a look at some of the photos in the Image Galleries. Try Jul 11, 2000 (you must click on the centre of the box where the icon was originally) and check out the image gallery links. Try events. Do you recognise any of these students? Try some of the other dates, notice that some of them are incomplete. They are not indexed.
2. Now type in www.jenniferlopez.com . Look at how the website has changed form 2001 up to the most recent date.

What did you notice in both cases about the websites?

If you get a chance, look at the Official Harry Potter Website through the Wayback Machine and note the differences and try searching out some other popular websites using the Wayback Machine. Observe how they have changed. Information that was once posted is still available if it was indexed by web crawler.

Social Network Settings

Open your Facebook or other social networking site(s) and revise your privacy settings.
(A copy of the video has been embedded below to help you if needed. Please watch it on the large projection screen to avoid streaming issues. It should not be viewed on individual computers for this same reason.)