Welcome to our Internet Safety Week Page! Please scroll down for different resources by grade and take a look at the resources on this main page.

Safer Internet Day 2017 will be celebrated on Tuesday, 7 February 2017 with a theme of 'Be the change: Unite for a better internet'.

Let's face it the internet is an amazing place, but there is always room for improvement. How could we work together as a class, a school, a country or a planet to make it safer for everyone?

Can you think of a few ideas that you as a student would be able to do to help make this happen?
Share them with the class.

Use the mini lessons for your grade levels to find ways to be safe online and be the change, by uniting for a better internet!

Grade 6 Mini Lessons
Grade 7 Mini Lessons
Grade 8 Mini Lessons
Grade 9 Mini Lessons
Grade 10 Mini Lessons
Grade 11 Mini Lessons
Grade 12 Mini Lessons

For additional information students and teachers may want to download the free e-Book "Own Your Space", by Linda McCarthy,