(Activities taken from and


A seminar room or classroom with a projector


Print out:
  • Response sheets (1 per pair) need to be printed out and cut up beforehand. Students should have paper and pens to write with and if attempting the poster activity coloured writing tools and poster paper.
  • Tips for Teens Shee t(see below)

Teachers please go through this handout, from Netsmartz prior to the lesson.

Activity 1: IM and Text Messaging

Watch the Boy Who Loved IM

Pair and Share
(Use the response sheet.)

Are text messaging and Instant messaging the same thing?
How much time each day do you spend texting?
Who do you text with? Family, friends, classmates, gamers...?
Have you ever been approached by someone online that you didn't know and invited in a chat?
If so what did you do?
What does UYN stand for?
Have you a few trusted adults in mind now who you can approach if you encounter problems online? (Don't worry, you don't have to name them here.)


What is Cyberbullying?

Watch the BrainPop Video

Do the quiz together as a class and then continue on with the


Now watch the video
What is Cyberbulling? Teens Talk Back

What should you in each of the following cases?

Answer the questions on the response sheet.
What do you do when:
  • someone sends you gossip in text message?
  • someone is bullying you online?
  • you see someone else being bullied or know of it?
  • someone you don’t know attempts to contact you online?
  • your profile has too much personal information on it?
  • you have uploaded some inappropriate images to the web?
  • you have just created an online account which is open for the entire world to see?

Finally compare your answers on the response sheet with those on the tips sheet below. Discuss responses as a class.