Newest Lessons

9a Selfies and Social Networks
Learning Intentions:
Students to examine the Selfie trend, discuss the history of selfies and motivation behind them.
Students to reflect on their own use of or experiences with selfies.
Students to discuss and contribute their opinions on the impact that selfies have on society.

9b Social Networks

Learning Intentions:
Enhance a teen's ability to recognize danger in giving out too much information.
Enhance a teen's ability to determine their digital footprint.

9c Twitter

Learning Intentions:
Information share on Twitter can have consequences. Privacy settings are important.
Should there be limits on free speech when content might be illegal in certain countries?

9d Digital Footprints

Learning Intentions:
Students will become aware that digital footprints exist. They will explore their own digital footprints
They will learn how negative and positive digital footprints can affect their lives in high school and afterward.

Older Lessons

9e Advanced Searching

Learning Intentions:
Students to be able to identify and use appropriate keywords and Boolean
operators and apply them effectively when performing web searches.

9f Databases and Invisible Web

Learning Intentions:
Students to investigate online databases and perform efficient searches into the invisible web.

9g Evaluating Websites

Learning Intention:
Students to be able to evaluate a webpage for accuracy, bias, authenticity, date published, etc etc

9h Copyright and Fair Us

Learning Intentions:
Students to understand the concepts of copyright and fair use and
be able to make informed decisions regarding both areas.